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50th Gala Installation
50th Gala Inst...
By Jeff Rosen
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Forestdale Heights Lodge @ 50 is the official website for the lodge's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Years back, one of our esteemed past presidents (Nate Salter) used to admonish those sitting in the president's chair that they would be required to hold the position until they got it "right." By these standards, Forestdale Heights Lodge may never have another installation because on Sunday, June 4, installation organizers and planners did indeed get everything not just "right," but absolutely perfect.

While installation day 2017 started out like most days this spring with the weather cool, overcast, and rainy, by the time Lodge members arrived at the party room at 7 Townsgate Drive for the 50th Gala Installation, the skies had not only cleared, but the sun was shining down upon the Lodge.

Turnout was larger than usual, as 39 people, including members, spouses, past members and a number of special guests (all guests are special), came out as Stewart Indig was installed for his second term as Lodge leader.

This year's installation was definitely a high calibre affair in all aspects. Members trickled into the party room, catching up on each other's lives and pouring over the memorabilia table, which was created by Harvey Silver, a past president and chairman of the board of governors, and his daughter, Lisa.

After everyone enjoyed some delicious appetizers and great wine from Simcha Wine, past president Ray Moscoe kicked the festivities off, welcoming all to the celebration and dedicating the evening in memory of Lodge past presidents who are no longer with us. Ray also introduced special guests from B'nai Brith Canada, National Chair, Jay Harris, and office administrator, Elyse Gruenspan.

He then called upon Mark Spergel to lead the menorah lighting ceremonies. While many were called up for this honour, the most moving was the final candle, which was lit by Harvey Silver in memory of Stanley Penzner, Norman Aronson, Al Reider, Nate Salter, Irv Pupko, Michael Kates and Bonnie Kates.

After the lights were lit, I gave the opening prayer and Harvey Silver made the hamotzi, cutting the challah. Unlike the buffet meal served in years past, this year, dedicated wait staff served a delicious dinner, which consisted of salad, a choice of chicken maribella or teriyaki salmon and side dishes. All food was obtained from Levy's Caterers.

After everyone was well fed, we sat back for the evening entertainment. Magician James Alan ( delighted everyone, often calling upon unsuspecting members to join him in his tricks.

The show eventually ended and it was back to the business at hand: installing Stewart Indig as the 36th president of Forestdale Heights Lodge. Past president Carl Zeliger was given the honour this year of installing the new executive and he dedicated this important duty to Nate Salter and Michael Kates, two past presidents and chairs of the board of governors who also served as installing officers.

Stewart's installation speech touched on important issues and ideas and he repeated his request to all present to help him grow the Lodge in the coming year. He also presented honours to Debbi Silver, who received the Norm Aronson Humanitarian Award, Mark Spergel, who was presented with the Albert Reider CVS Award, and Harvey Silver, who was given the Member of the Year Award.

With the official part of the evening coming to an end, I again took to the podium for the closing prayer before we all enjoyed coffee, tea, and dessert. Before guests departed, they were given a special gift, a designer bowl from Verdici Design. All in all, the 50th Gala Installation was the best the Lodge has held in many years. Special thanks to the Installation Chairs, Albert Ohana and Harvey Silver, as well as their spouses Honey and Debbi, and Stewart Indig.

Report & Photos by Jeff Rosen

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